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KaoS GRaFFiX Photography   
11:49am 21/12/2012
mood: accomplished
This journal is a small example of my photography. You can also find my work on Model Mayhem and Deviant Art.

I'm always looking for fresh faces to photograph. Not only will you get some amazing pictures, but I'll also help you take the first step into the world of modeling! My rates are very fair and I promise you'll be pleased with my work. If your interested in modeling please leave a comment or visit my home page KaoS GRaFFiX for more information.



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The Dangerous Dolls Warning   
02:59am 22/09/2009

Well I guess it’s about time for a personal rant on a website that’s been screwing photographers and models over alike. Consider this a personal warning to anyone who considers joining or working for The Dangerous Dolls (They don’t even deserve a direct link back to their site).

I began working for them a little over a month ago recruiting models and members alike and shooting sets of several girls. To make the most of my time and traveling I shot 2 or 3 sets of each girl to be released on a timed basis. Sets went up, people got paid, and everyone was happy. That obviously didn’t last very long, soon Vince (aka Dragon) the site owner started using the site as his personal dating service and convincing girls to act out his fantasies in shitty DIY (do it yourself) sets that brought down the site quality greatly.  When you run an adult site it’s a very bad idea to hit on your employee’s and put your own personal fetishes over on producing content your viewers want to see. Girls that shot clean quality content started leaving as the garbage sets began to take priority. Seeing as how his site only has about 30 paying members and rakes in a whopping $150 a month I posted a poll. The question was simple enough do you like DIY sets or not, and a whopping 78% of the votes said no, they were being executed poorly. So for what ever reason this angered Vince, when in reality it should have been a revelation that he was taking things in a direction people weren’t interested with. We parted ways under the agreement that my pending shot sets would still go live and I would be paid for them.

Then he hires Missy Starr as “model coordinator” what ever the hell that means, I see no coordination going on there what-so-ever and she takes it in her power to say they will not accept my pending sets and pay the models for them. I don’t even care if I get paid the fact that she would refuse a good solid set and pay a girl simply because I shot them is absurd. It makes perfect sense to hire a girl that has failed to start her own website over and over again to handle the business decisions on a website that is obviously failing. Clearly these people have no vision or direction and just wing everything they do.

Long story short the girls with class and quality are leaving as the ugly girls that do obscene things are favored by the boss. The model standards are low, the quality is shit, and the performances just aren’t sexy at all. The whole site went to trash in no time because the owner rather cater to fat girls and 3 paying members then to the collective whole.

As it stands now they pay out way more then they make, and it’s all being funded by other pornsites Vince owns. These are websites built for him that automatically get updated with leased content, a very “turnkey” approach to porn, but somehow he thinks this experience in the adult industry makes him some porn guru, when in reality he’s just trashing up an already over saturated niche.

This site is about “social networking” and the network just fails. The forums are dead, the chat is the same 12 people every night, and nobody even pays attention to the events. My question is why would you pay $5 for a dead social network full of 3rd rate trash content when you can join Suicide Girls for a dollar less and get a booming network with quality content?

All in all working for The Dangerous Dolls has only been good for all the laughs I’m having at their expense. The good models keep bailing, the quality keeps declining, and before you know it they’ll fizzle out into nothing.



I don't blog here anymore find me...





When I say...   
10:33pm 02/06/2008
  ... I never want to talk to you again. I seriously mean it. The person who this pertains to knows damn well who she is. I've given you more strikes then I let anyone else have, and you still manage to repulse and offend me with every action you make. I'm way beyond done with you, I never want to acknowledge your existence again, stop fucking calling me... I'm NEVER going to pick up the phone for you.... and I could care less if you have my hoodie, throw it out for all I care.

K, thanks, bye!


Burning Angels   
10:25pm 28/01/2008
mood: cheerful
I've gotten an invite today, to join Burning Angels as a photographer. You can't even imagine how great that makes me feel. It's like a huge step forward for me... I haven't accepted or turned the offer down yet... they really haven't given me much detail. I really need to know the distance they want me to travel, pay, minimum requirements for photos.... I guess theres a lot of variable on whether or not I accept the offer... but just getting the offer is amazing.

Oh and I forgot to tell everyone in LJ land that I'm also a staff photographer for Swollen Skateboards. They're not a huge company yet, but growing fast, and I'm happy to be a part of their team too!

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10:24pm 27/01/2008
mood: aggravated
I still haven't had the money to get my hard drive fixed, which has me pissed off. I need my old work back! I got interviewed for KINK Magazine and my photography was being featured, and of course I only had my 3 recent shoots to submit to them... I had some other wicked shoots on my hard drive I would have rather submitted. Right now it seems the only way my hard drive will get fixed is if I get $600 back from the economic stimulus plan.

I have some big projects lined up this year, and a photoshoot I'm putting about $1,000 into in hopes of making a magazine cover... wish me luck!

I don't have a lot to say right now, I feel spaced out and hot... I think I might be getting sick... shitty!

I will post more shoots this week, I know I keep going LJ dead, but I have so many sites I try to keep up with.

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KaoS GRaFFiX Needs Your Support!   
12:42am 27/10/2007
mood: angry
I lost all my work in a hard drive failure Tuesday afternoon. Every photoshoot I've ever done is lost in the abyss of a dead hard drive. I can get these pictures back but at a price. I need to come up with $609 to have the data restored by a data recovery company... I'm so piss poor right now I can't afford that on my own.... so I'm offering a special photoshoot package for anyone who wants to help me out!

- $125, anywhere in PA, NJ, MD!

- 3 full hours of shoot time!

- 15-20 high res professionally touched up images on CD!

- Two 8x12 High Quality Prints!

- As many wardrobe / location changes time allows!

- Help setting up your online portfolio if you don't already have one!

If you ever thought about modeling, or just want to help me get back the past 2 years of my life... please get in touch ASAP!

If your super generous and just want to help out paypal donations can be made to maliceinslumberland@mail.com! Any amount would help, even $1 is a step closer to getting my work back.



Emily Lynn   
01:25pm 01/09/2007
mood: restless
Here's the update as promised! 2 weeks ago I met with my newest model Emily Lynn. We had a big day of shooting planned and it got all fucked up. The weather called for a partly cloudy day.... well it rained all day, non stop! So that screwed up our game plan big time.

The first place we shot was an old damn deep in the woods, it was so dark and raining so bad there wasn't one good picture from there. We weren't sure if we should shoot somewhere else, or give up and reschedule.... thankfully we went somewhere else!

The second place we shot was outside and abandoned prison in York. It was still raining, but since it was out in the open I had enough light to work with. We ended up getting a ton of great shots there. I was really happy that we didn't give up earlier.

The third place we shot was at Emily's boyfriends house. He had this white tent over the hot tub and we turned it into a little outdoor studio. By this point is was poring buckets. I set up my lights and backdrop in this little 10x15 tent and figured it just wasn't going to work... but amazingly it turned out great. I guess the all white tent reflected the light just perfectly. All the fairy shots you'll see were done in a little white tent on a rainy day...amazing huh?

As always you can see more pictures from this set on My DeviantArt Account!


I'll update this weekend!   
06:51am 31/08/2007
mood: amused
Hey there will be an update this weekend. I'll post new pictures from my shoot with Emily Lynn. I was going to do it sooner, but I got caught up in the most amazing game ever! Bioshock on the 360 is just fucking great! I can't imagine Halo 3 topping it. It's got to be the best first person shooter I've played in a couple years.

If your impatient and want to see the pictures of Emily Lynn now then visit my site KaoS GRaFFiX they're already posted in the gallery.


07:46pm 13/08/2007
mood: chipper
I'm looking forward to this weekend. I really really am! :D

I'm going to see if Sasha and Teala want to hang out Friday night... Maybe Sasha will have her piercing needles and she can put some new holes in my face!

Saturday I'm doing a photoshoot with Kelli and Andi, then I then have a day o' fun. Watch some movies, play video games, order a pizza.... be nerdy little fuck heads!

Sunday I'm going to be shooting with Emily. I'm really excited about working with her! I'm sure she'll be the new top girl in my port and draw a lot of attention to my photography.

I know a lot of you think Sammie was my best model... well before that you and I thought Teeny was my best model.... Sammie's done with, sure she was fun for awhile, and she did do a lot for my portfolio. I don't really hold grudge against her....but it's time to move on. Emily and I have a bunch of sweet ass themes in mind, she's gorgeous, and lives a lot closer. I'm going to get a lot accomplished with her, I just know it! :D

Oh and looks like Kelli is going to step up and be my bomb ass makeup artist! We'll be working as a team on 2 theme shoots, and a bands CD photoshoot all within the next 2 months.... HELL FUCKING YEAH!

I'm really excited my work is going to be on a CD getting a full North American / European release!

I figured out who my real friends are, I figure out who the freeloaders are.... I know who cares and who doesn't.... things are really looking up!

I'll finally get to sleep tonight! :D


Starting Over Again!   
06:51am 13/08/2007
mood: angry
I've decided to cut 90% of the people I know out of my life. I'm sick of caring for people and listening to their problems, then never having them be there for me. Most of the people I know just use me for my generosity, most of the people I know are self centered assholes.

BTW... new AIM screen name, Only 7 of you are lucky enough to get it. If you didn't get an email or IM from me with the new name, well your one of the assholes I'm talking about and you can quite honestly fuck off and die for all I care.

This is a new beginning for my photography as well... Fuck giving every pretty face a free shoot cause she'll look good in my portfolio... I know I'm good enough to make money, so from now on all you freeloaders pay up or shut up.

Generous kind Justin is dead, it's time I become a ruthless asshole and give back to world all this shit it's dished out on me!


Permanent Vacation   
11:29pm 10/08/2007
  From photography? I think so...

I don't see the point anymore. I go to great length, do people favors, give them freebies... and almost everything goes unappreciated.

I must have spent $3,000 in traveling to do free shoots for people. No body wants to pay me or help out even a little. Add that to the $8,000 in camera equipment I own, I pretty much wasted $11,000 on everything.

The "that girl is hot" comments my pictures get outweigh the "that's a great photo" comments 100 to 1. I must really suck, and any dolt can take a picture of a pretty and get a comment from it.

I have no motivation anymore, life sucks, people suck, I suck...

Fuck Everything!


The Best Of The Rest   
09:45pm 09/08/2007
  Ok here's some back dated pictures. Pictures I've done in the past 7 months and haven't posted here yet. I should have new pictures after this weekend... so check back soon!



Here's a happy little update...   
11:03pm 08/08/2007
mood: distressed
I've been an emotional wreck lately. I haven't had anyone to talk to about my personal feelings for over 3 now. I'm bottling shit up and I don't think I can keep the lid on anymore.

I have major trust issues with people, I can't just tell anybody my problems. In all truthfulness there have only been 4 people I ever felt I could open up to. 2 of them betrayed me and left me with more problems then they ever resolved. One I still feel deeply for but we barely talk to anymore as she's got her own life going on. The 4th is relatively new in my life and I don't know if she even cares despite me caring about her well being greatly.

So I site here in my room, alone, day after day. Problems keep stacking up, the depression clinches tighter, and a die piece by piece from the inside...

happy little update indeed...


I'm Back!   
11:44pm 07/08/2007
mood: anxious
Hey it's been awhile since I popped in to say anything here.

My bad...

... I'm on so many god damn sites it's crazy just trying to keep up with half of them. I will be posting updates on photoshoots I've done this year. I'll start updating again, I promise!

so check back soon mmmmkay?

I totally redesigned my website KaoS GRaFFiX. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I've also got 2 shoots set up for this weekend! Hurray! First one with a new girl Mare Massacre and the second one with my personal favorite Sammie! Sammie is like the prettiest girl I've even seen in person and she always brings out the best in my photography...I'm thrilled to be working with her for the 4th time!


Bloody Fucking Murder!   
12:00am 07/08/2007
  Heres a shoot I did a few months back with a lovely young lady named Aleis. It was her third shoot and she was really shy, but we got some awesome shots. I'll be working with Aleis again this September!

As always go to my Deviant Art Account to view more and buy prints!


On Vacation   
02:33pm 06/12/2006
mood: lazy
What a crappy time of the year! I really hate the holidays, seriously. This is the busiest time for installing carpet, everyone wants it before they have people over for Xmas and new Years. I've been working 10 hour days for the past 2 months and theres still 3 weeks to go. Despite working my ass off I have no money, just enough to pay the bills. I had to sell all my Spawn figures just to get cash to buy Xmas gifts. I honestly don't want shit on Xmas, and I really don't want to buy anyone anything either. Bah Humbug!

After the holidays work slows down to almost a dead stop, and then I can't even pay my fucking bills. The interest goes up, and then I'm back where I started essentially or deeper in the hole. I can't wait until this flaming cock bag of a president we have is out of office. Everything got fucked up when he started running the show. It screwed up our work, we make less money, and everything essential to survive costs more.... but what's he care? He's rolling in oil company cash. It's funny how we have an "oil shortage" but all the oil companies are making more profit then they ever have. Bah, what ever....let's piss another 2 billion down the drain in Iraq this December rather then making our own citizens happy....Merry Fucking Xmas.

The only good thing to come out of this month was seeing Blind Guardian on Saturday! They played with Leaves Eye's and it was a totally amazing concert. Now having seen them theres really nothing else I want to see considering this countries music sucks hardcore, and foreign bands hardly tour here. Blind Guardian was around for 20 years and this was the first time they were ever in Philly, that pretty much sums up how much America's music scene sucks. Any cookie cutter band can play the same old riffs and spit out lyrics that have been sung 1,000 times before, and they tour like crazy. Get someone original and with talent and the whole music world shits all over them.... I really need to leave this country, I hate America with a passion.

My photography is probably on hold until Spring, since I don't have a studio and I mostly work outside. It's just way to cold for that anymore. I have one set up for January, more or less. She's a fellow photographer and a online friend, we're going to meet up, hang out, and snap some pictures. Not really a photoshoot, just meeting an online buddy with similar interests.

Since the photography is on hold I'll be dedicating my winter time to the porn site I made....lol. It's just getting started but traffic is already rolling in, soon I should make a couple sales and get some checks in the mail. Woohoo checks! If you want to gander at naked ladies you can visit my site Sexocalypse .

Well that's probably the last update for a little while. I'm not that interested in LJ when I don't have anything to share.... So I guess I'll see you all in the spring! Tar Tar


Little Updates   
05:22pm 28/10/2006
mood: anxious
I learned some new Photoshop post production tricks today. Should make for some picture with POP next time around.

November 11th I'm working with Azura for the second time, it should be fun. I'm sure she'll do a lot better this time around. Less people watching her, and she's gotten pretty comfortable with me. Last time we hardly knew each other and she was very shy and nervous. We're planning on doing 2 themes, so there will be a ton of pictures coming soon!

There's a model/photographer meet and greet party in Philly on November 25th. I don't want to go by myself, I'm not great in social situations where I don't know anybody. I asked Sammie to come along with me. She's not sure if she's going to be in town...meh. She said she would go with me if she is in town though. So I really hope she's around. I'd only go to the party if I had someone I knew coming along with.... plus Sammie and I could do a shoot that day as well. I really like her.... incase you can't tell. :P

December 2nd will bring me back to Philly. I'm going to see BLIND GUARDIAN!! It's going to kick total fucking ass!

December 9th I'm back in Philly for the Cage of Death 8. Ultraviolent westling always rocks! CZW!

Now I'm off to go get stoned because I'm a loser...


08:18pm 25/10/2006
mood: annoyed
So far it looks like November 11th is the only date I have secured for a photoshoot. All the other models are giving me the run around. They don't seem to understand I need a weeks notice before a shoot to have money and get my equipment ready. They think they can call me at noon and I'll magically appear at their house 200 miles away at 12:05.... meh... girls!


06:04pm 22/10/2006
mood: chipper
My shoot with Sammie went great! We had a lot in common so we were both comfortable with one another. We had a ton of fun walking around Philly together and got tons of awesome pictures! I can't wait to work with her again!

As always you can find more on my DeviantArt.


October 21st Shoot in Philly   
01:32pm 19/10/2006
mood: excited
This Saturday I'm working with one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen! It's a long drive to Philly (3 1/2 hours), but for this girl it's worth it! I'm looking forward to this shoot more so then any other I have previously done. It's going to kick ass!